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Bacterostatic Colloidal Silver

Natures own Disease Fighter

We are pleased to see the re-emergence of Colloidal Silver in the medical and industrial arena. Silver is the best known Bacterostatic substance known to man and, when incorporated with hydrogen peroxide, it becomes the most powerful disinfectant on earth. The contents of this information bulletin has been collated from information obtained through literature commonly available from the Internet.

The use of Silver is not new, Silver has been used as a disinfectant for thousands of years. It dates back to Alexander the Great A. D. who lined drinking water bottles with the metal for the disinfection and sanitation of water. The Egyptians used silver as a thin beaten out paper like product to wrap around wounds. Colloidal Silver was known at the turn of the century as an invaluable medicine.

It has never shown any harmful side effects, and cannot be claimed as a heavy metal. The soldiers of the Confederate Army in the war between the North and South in the American Civil War swallowed the real "silver" dollar. This was known to ward off all types of infectious bacteria as the soldiers were sometimes in water up to their necks with gaping wounds. Yet many escaped serious illness by the ingestion of that silver dollar. Great Grandma would keep a silver dollar in the milk churn to keep it from turning sour in the hot summer months.

It was known to persons of high rank such as Kings and Emperors, Czar's, Sultans and, in more modern days, members of the royal family, politicians and other well-to-do-families. These people ate their food from silver cutlery, plates and bowls, and drank their liquids from silver goblets and chalices. As a result of their eating practices silver, in small amounts, was ingested into their bodies.They were, in every sense of the word, "immune" to most viruses and bacteria infection. Often these people have were referred to as "Blue Bloods", as the ingestion of silver over an extended period turned their blood a slightly blue colour. The "common people" never had the luxury of being able to eat from expensive dinnerware and, as a result, were frequently sick and prone to a host of infections. Those fortunate enough to have the luxury of eating from silver dinnerware enjoyed the freedom from sickness it afforded them.

What is Bacterostatic or Bacteriostatic Colloidal Silver?

Bacterostatic means a condition where Bacteria and other disease causing micro-organisms can not grow and multiply. Bacterostatic Colloidal Silver is a means to fortify oneself against the invasion of bacteria and viruses thus preventing a possible onset of a disease before it becomes a problem.

Bacterostatic Colloidal Silver

Prevention Agent

Prevention is always better than cure.

Body tissues, having five parts per million of colloidal silver, has been known to be absolutely free of virus and bacteria. Silver is an exceptional Bacterostatic agent, as its particles do not enter into reaction, but act catalytically. A catalyst is something that brings about, or causes, a reaction or occurrence without itself actually participating or being consumed. Colloidal Silver acts as a catalyst in disabling particular enzymes of chemical lungs, as it transfers oxygen through the cell wall of the disease causing organism, thus causing the organism to suffocate. The mere proximity of colloidal silver cripples the activity of the particular enzyme common to all viruses and bacteria, while leaving the healthy tissue cells unaffected, hence preventing the growth and proliferation of the disease causing organisms. It has been reported that as a preventative, Colloidal Silver is unsurpassed. Sufficient colloidal silver used daily can preclude infection, viruses, disease, contagious outbreaks and serious burn toxicity. The daily use of Colloidal Silver is like having a second immune system. It lessons the load on the body’s natural immune system and effectively prevents the growth and proliferation of the many thousands of viruses and bacteria that the body comes into contact with every day


Individual response may vary from the average dose rate of Colloidal Silver needed for optimum benefit. Some people will find a maximum benefit from a lesser amount than recommended, while others will find that they need more. The recommended dose rate is one half of a teaspoon diluted into a glass of spring or distilled water twice a day with half this amount being recommended for children.

The dose should be followed for a period of five days, and then cut back to half the dose rate from then on. The accepted dose rate for an adult is 60ml per month (or 15ml per week) in any convenient increment any time during that month.

Four days is average for the initial benefit of Colloidal Silver to take effect. Colloidal silver can accumulate in the body’s tissue structure to at least a concentration of five parts per million by the fourth day of ingestion. This is considered the minimum effective concentration. Once this level of silver is achieved it can be maintained through the normal recommended use of 3-5 ml. of Colloidal Silver per day. Once the intake of Colloidal silver is discontinued the silver level will diminish and have disappeared within three weeks through the body’s natural cleansing system. However the body will also have lost the benefit of the silver’s prophylactic properties. Remember, any disease causing organisms will have great difficulties getting a foot-hold in an environment containing colloidal silver.


What to be aware of about some other

Colloidal Silver Products

The rediscovery of this remarkable substance has created a wide spread demand for Colloidal Silver. Unfortunately with this growing demand the market has seen a proliferation of so called Colloidal Silver products making all sorts of claims which when tested are proved to be false . It can safely be stated that 90% of the products sold on the market today are of a substandard nature. Further more any product containing less than 30 ppm (milligram) of Silver is not very effective, as the amount of silver contained is not enough to be able to fully achieve an Bacterostatic environment to prevent the growth of disease causing micro organisms.

Myths about Colloidal Silver

Statement: Only Electro-colloidal manufactured Colloidal Silver (zappers) is effective.

Answer: Wrong! On the contrary, electro colloidal silver is not very stable and to have any effect at all must be used within 3 days of manufacture. (no shelf life). Actually better product is made using Silver Oxide colloids stabilised with stabilisers derived from actual food substances. This unique process allows the content of silver to be increased to 30mg/lt or more, whilst maintaining stability.


Statement: The liquid of true Colloidal Silver is of a yellow or other colour.

Answer: Wrong! True colloidal Silver is absolutely clear with no traces of colour. Colour is a reflection of normal light bouncing off a particle. The only time one can see colour is if a the particles are greater in size than 0.1 micron or if the silver used was of poor quality and purity. Some manufacturers even use a dye to achieve colour because they believe that colloidal silver must have colour. To demonstrate that real colloidal silver having, say, 25 parts per million of Silver cannot turn the water, in which it is contained, to a yellow colour, consider this: Just imagine you have a birds eye view of a Stadium from a height of say 10,000 meters. The stadium is filled with 1 million people in white clothing apart from 25 people ( 25ppm Silver) scattered amongst them wearing yellow clothes. Which colour would you see ? .. yes white !


Statement: Silver at concentration of 5, 15, and 25 ppm is effective Bacterostatic agent against all bacteria and viruses.

Answer: Dangerously wrong. Tests have shown that silver preparations of less than 30 ppm , fail in preventing the growth of some of the simplest of disease causing micro organisms.


Statement: Colloidal Silver will destroy absolutely all viruses or bacteria in 6 minutes

Answer: Wrong. Whilst Colloidal Silver is effective against many such micro-organisms within that time, in some situation the number of micro-organisms present are too great for the silver to carry out its action. However continuing the daily dose over a longer period of time should remedy this situation.


Statement: ... Our colloidal silver is made from a special formulation and therefore can safely be packaged into plastic bottles.

Answer: Wrong. Colloidal Silver cannot be packaged in any material other than glass to remain stable.

Storage of Colloidal Silver

Always keep ALL types of colloids in the pantry, and never in the refrigerator as the long term electrical charge of the refrigerator or freezer can have the same effect on the colloidal silver as can storage in some plastics.


Remember: Always ask your supplier for proof of their products quality and effectiveness. If the manufacturer is not of a "Cowboy" nature, they would have conducted laboratory tests using their products!

Bacteriostatic Colloidal Silver

the "Inner light "for

Your Body's Well Being

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